The lobster red and the restless

Saturday was an eventful day. After cleaning the bejeezus out of the house on Friday, and setting up all morning Saturday, we were ready to host company. Over 30 people came to the pool party: roomie M's coworkers, her family, my family, and a few assorted friends. Too much good food (which means no groccery shopping this week), good music on the radio, and great company made for a really nice afternoon.

The weather cooperated for the most part earlier in the day, providing sun for swimming, though it hid behind trees later in the day and the water was a little cooler. I especially enjoyed the pool since I learned that morning how to clean it. Skimming and vacuuming, a most exciting task for the first 15 minutes, until my muscles began to ache from all the pulling, dipping, and scooping, that 2 hours later produced a leaf and grass free pool. (The pool is inground and we had just cut the grass that morning).

I was so pleased with the pool that I suddenly became aquatic girl and spent nearly 2 hours in it, swimming with M's nieces, and then again with Monster niece S when she arrived. Her and I were laughing so hard as I bobbed her in and out of the water laughing this unearthly, crazy laugh while in the process. I love that kids appreciate the simple things. I love that Monster niece S is at this age too, 2 1/2 is fun, until they start not listening, and then I can send her home. I spent maybe a little too much time in the sun without sunscreen, as today I am a shade of lobster red, and sensitive to touch. (This picture is fitting, since I was a lobster one year for Halloween, and I think my costume looked as ridiculous, although in my defense-my claws were the same size!)

We ended the day with a rousing 5 on 5 volleyball game, which produced some great plays and funny moments, like when M's co-worker would try to hit the ball, running at it, exploding Chinese phrases while doing it, and then hitting the ball, usually sending it in the opposite direction. He had all of us belly laughing so hard. We finally had to quit when it was too dark to see the ball anymore.

After saying goodbye to most, a few hard core people hung out until nearly midnight, and we sat and laughed in the living room. I looked out to see the orange ball hanging low in the sky, as if showing off his near fullness, and pitted body. He seemed to grin at me, as though he enjoyed watching the end of the party too; the kind of party that leaves the body tired and the heart thankful.


Jenny said…
That sounds like so much fun! I haven't been to a party like that in a looooonng time!
You should have come...gosh, you are so selfish for not flying home for my party. :)

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