Torn from the map of Michigan

Feeling nostalgic...or something today. Heard this song and it made me think of a different time in my life. The first time I heard this it was playing on TSOldtimers "Sad Songs," CD, in my car, and we were on the way to pick up my brother from the airport. He was coming for a short weekend in Massachusetts to visit the farm, and then we were going to embark on a road trip back to our parents house in Michigan (through MA., New York state, and Canada).

I remember feeling sligtly homesick for Michigan when I heard this song, and even glad at the prospect of going home for a spell. Though hearing it again today I realized that I was homesick for Massachusetts.
Thinking of the idea of home, I managed to find this quote. Too true. "The country I come from Is called the Midwest" ~Bob Dylan

Here is a link for the video of Half Acre, sung by Hem.


TSOldtimer said…
That's such a beautiful song. When you left the Farm, I considered making you a CD about going home, and that would've been the first song. Where'd you hear it?
But you didn't make the still can if you want. :)

I heard the song while listening to your sad songs CD while at work. Sigh. Nostalgia has stretched into this week too...

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