George Bush's Father

I swear to God, this is too good to make up.

A real phone conversation:

Man: I know that the President's name is George Bush. But what is his fathers first name?

Me: His father sir? His name is also George.

Man: What was that that you said?

Me: (Speaking a little louder) His father's name is also George, sir.

Man: Now slow down a minute. Did you say that his name was also George?

Me: Yes sir, that is what I said.

Man: You said yes.

Me: Yes sir, his name is George. I said yes.

Man: Ok, thank you.

I thought it might be one of those MTV things when they call to see if you can keep your temper to get the money, then when he didn't say anything like that, I looked around for the Candid Camera. Some days I love my job.


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