Finished-a Haiku

it seems
the paper
like a storm

That is my Haiku for the day.

I finished my case study. It is now 5am, the birds are chirping and I need to get home and sleep. Need to be back here at the office at 9am for work. Today is going to be a long day. Thursdays I work an 11 hour day, then I am meeting a friend tonight at 9pm.


Mummy Dearest said…
Hmmm... love the haiku. Love haikus in general.

How is your head? Migraines worse/better?

Get more sleep!

Head, better...but, yes, I notice they are worse when I am not sleeping enough. Come Tuesday I will be done with the big projects and will only have one take home, and one in class final, and a smaller project due at the end of the month.
JennPav said…
Hahaha, awesome. The last haiku I wrote was in college. We were told to animate it afterward, and of course I had to be a smart ass and wrote it about my eyeball rejecting a contact.

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