Dead Celebrities Lady, who I was beginning to forget

For those of you who may remember me writing about Dead Celebrities Lady, some months back, well, she called again today. She is the woman who calls the library occasionally to get information on when famous people have died. I imagine her sitting at home checking the names of dead people off a list, maybe crotchetting their names onto doilies, or possibily just thinking up ways to bring these dead celebrities up in conversation.

"Did you hear that it is going to rain today?"

"No, but did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt died in 1962 of 'aplastic anemia, tuberculosis, and heart failure.?'"

Today Dead Celebrity lady wanted to know the years that Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt died (Eleanor in 1962, FDR in 1945).

While I was typing this she called to let me know that she was looking through her uncle's records, and wondered when Cab Calloway died (1994). Had to smile in spite of myself. I realized how much I had missed talking to Dead Celebrities Lady.


JennPav said…
Oh my God, that is hillarious!
Manda said…
This sounds like the same kind of woman who might go to the Fenton Cinema and buy tickets for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." :) That was awesome!
Kevin Musgrove said…
She might be an amnesiac assassin trying to build a job résumé.

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