Cinematic bliss among a throng of Potter-ites

Yesterday was a long day...I stayed up all night Monday to finish my Collection Development plan, managing, to spend nearly all of my $5,000 dollars, though I was not able to find reviews for all of the materials that I wanted to add to my collection. Making collection choices without reviews to back up the decision makes it seem as though you were just choosing resources to choose them, so I am hoping he grades mercifully! I finally finished my project at around 6:30am, went home and made my roomie breakfast, laid down for a 15 minute nap, then got back up for work.

Yesterday was a long day at work and in class. I had prepurchased my tickets for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (this link is for an interesting review) and that was all I could think about all day.

It is amazing-I was so tired all day, but by the time that we got to the movie theater around 11pm, for the 12:01a.m. showing, I was wide awake. What an experience! I didn't join the Potter bandwagon until after the third movie was on video, so I missed much of that movie going experience for the earlier movies. When I saw H.P. and the Goblet of Fire, it was far from sold out and was a relatively quiet crowd. Last night the theater sold out both its 12:01am and 12:05am shows. I usually avoid crowded theaters, prefering to see a movie when it has nearly reached its theater run and you can rest assured that you will have no one behind you whispering during the movie or pushing their shoes into your chair. It was with some trepidation that I went on opening night...but I had waited so long. And I wound up being pleasantly surprised by how well mannered the crowd was. That was easier to understand once I looked around at the crowd: teenagers in homemade "Dumbledore's Army" t-shirts, a 50+ year old man wearing a shirt that said, "Muggle" on it, several tweens wearing capes and sporting the lightning scar on their foreheads. My roomate took one look at all these people and looked at me and said, "You are home." And I was.

So, it was with these other Potter fans that our journey began. I won't spoil anything for those who haven't read the books, or those who have and don't want to hear anything about the movie yet (Mummy Dearest). I will just say that I loved the special effects scenes when our crew is in the Ministry of Magic. I also liked the scenes with Dumbledore's Army, and Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge) was brilliant! She is exactly what I imagined when I read the book. All in all, I was very pleased. Though they left out some things that I would have loved to have seen included, it was an improvement from #4, which was ridden with too much teenage angst...this time Harry is just pissed and trying to fight back. :) At the time I read #5 it was my least favorite book, but I am rereading it right now and enjoying it more this time around.

Now that I have seen this one, I want to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but that is not due out until November 21, 2008...sigh...Guess I will just have to look forward to the Deathly Hallows which will be out next weekend! Cheers!


JennPav said…
I am always like you where I want to wait until its just about to go to second run to see a blockbuster at the theater... but for something like Harry Potter, its not bad seeing it with the true fans. I don't know how you can take a 15 minute nap and then get up again. I would have been beyond help at that point.

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