The Annual Firecracker 500

Today was the kick-off of the Annual Firecracker 500, on WOMC 104.3, which is the oldies station that I grew up listening to. I was reminiscing with one of the guys at work, rememebering being 13 and laying on my bed, writing in my journal and listening to the Firecracker 500 and just soaking up the music. He laughed and said, "I remember laying on my bed when I was 13 and the music wasn't 'oldies,' it was the music of the time." (He is my parents age.)
The Firecracker 500 happens every 4th of July-they begin counting down the Top 500 (determined every year by votes)-playing the oldies starting with #500 at 10am the day before July 4th, finishing sometime on the 4th, at which point they replay the list for the rest of the day. I love it! I came in this morning and by the time I put the radio on they were already at #485, now we are at #402...I can't believe I have heard that much music today! I bopped through The Beach Boys, the Jackson Five, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, The Beatles (my favs-many times), the Eagles, the Rolling Stones, and Jimmy Buffet to name a few.

Isn't it amazing how music can transport you back to such a specific place and time. I can remember where I was hearing certain favorite songs for the first time. Music has such an effect on me. I loved living out East because the Berkshires always felt so alive with music, both the kinds provided by instruments and wildlife. However, being out there I did miss my Motown sound.

Otherwise, for those of you following the Migraine saga...still have the same one that I was nursing yesterday. Although today while working at the church I had a sensational feeling of vertigo-not to be confused with Vertigo-which apparently is also a side effect of migraines. At first I found it interesting in one of those, "hey, I've never felt like this before," kinda ways, but that only lasted the first five minutes. Everytime it felt as though the floor was going to drop out below me I had to lean back in my chair and deep breathe. Ha ha...that must have been a funny sight.

Went to bed at 5am this morning, got back up at 8:25am, mercifully to my roomate telling me that she got me breakfast. She is awesome. I had to be back at work at 9am, a thing I could not even fathom as I could barely open my eyes this morning-literally.

And was it worth it? I finished a quiz. I retyped two papers, and did a third that was new. I began my Collection Development assignment...and all the time I spent on it carefully choosing books...I only spent $534 of my $5,000...this is gonna take a lot longer than I thought. Still have the 5 page paper due on Friday looming over my head. I hate Case Studies, and this is one of those. Sigh. Ready for the break that the month of August will provide.


Kt said…
Yikes! Seriously... do you get a vacation? You sound like you need a long sunny week on a beach.

A had a migraine once. I went to get a CAT scan, but it turned out to be just my coffee.

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