100th Post

I can't believe that I am at my 100th post...this coming after I fought the idea of starting a blog for nearly 5 years. How does one celebrate such a milestone? I searched google for a while, looking at other's 100th blog postings and...got no inspiration whatsoever, so I guess I will share a story. Since I have no great words of wisdom to impart, I have decided to reflect on becoming a Librarian.

Monster Mom and I were having lunch together the other day, talking about my nieces and nephews and their recent misadventures, when I asked Ma what I was like as a kid. Mom told me about how I used to go to the library with her and I would pick out as many books as the librarians said I could (many of those were the height of technology-those classy-"when you hear the bell ring, like this **, that is when you will know to turn the page" books).

Once back home, Mom said I would get my Fisher Price tape player (which I still have-by the way) and put the tape in and follow along to each book about a dozen times each. Mom said that when I finished the story I would flip the tape over and do it all over again. She attributes this (beginning when I was about 2 1/2 years old) to why I always loved to read so much growing up.

So, I guess my 100th blog is a salute to Mom and Dad for always encouraging me to keep reading, for getting the books for me, or getting me to the library. I have good memories of Mom walking with me to one of the branches of the Detroit Public Library (when we lived in Detroit) to get my favorite book-Mother Gooses' Nursery Ryhmes, and the memory of Dad trying to read The Black Cauldron to me. I remembered how torturedly bored he looked.

I have always loved to read and that is something that I want to impart to other people. I also realize the importance of not only reading, but also learning how to make education fun. I hope that one day people will enjoy coming to the library that I work at. Since education was paramount in our house, thanks Mom and Dad, because without you, this 100th blog would not have been possible.


Rakstar said…
I have many-a-memory like that too... lots of summers spent at the library and/or reading w/mom. Granted she had Danielle Steele and I had the Hardy Boys, but you catch my meaning. ;) (I even volunteered at the children's section there in Jr. High...)

Lovely 100th post, friend. :D
Thanks Rakstar. I too read the Hardy Boys and some Nancy Drew, though I think out of the crime solvers, the Bobsey Twins were my favorites! Ever read em. I loved the book where they were on an island and they spelled out the word "HELP" in the sand. How ingenious to my 8 year old mind!

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