"Nametags, school colors, and mascots, oh my!"

My boss came up earlier this morning to give me a sticky nametag, printed with our school colors vomit and puke (seriously green and gold...?) YUCKO! It looks even more vomitrocious on our mascot, W the Warrior. Seriously what the hell is W? The President's alter ego in mascot form...?! College is supposed to be a time when students become adults and are encouraged to go out into the world with a sense of clarity and vision...how the hell are we encouraging that when the school can't even define its FREAKING MASCOT! Sorry...tangent...I am over tired today.

Anyway, my supervisor found me this morning and told me three times to make sure that I wore my nametag to the Annual Library Staff picnic, so wanting to seem like I 'got the point,' I said, "oh, we all wear nametags so we can get to know each other better...? That's a good idea."

"No, actually we wear them because homeless people try and come and eat our food from the picnic, so your nametag shows that you work here and allows you to eat lunch. It is actually kind of comical when this happens."



Kt said…
Wow... you have a letter of the alphabet as your mascot. Trippin'.

Now I must go off on a "bad mascot" tanget. Did you know that Stanford's mascot is Cardinal? Not the bird; the color. North of me, Camus (WA) has the Papermakers. They dress up as a giant roll of toilet paper. Laguna Beach has the Artists (a painting palette with arms) and get beat up quite a bit by the other teams in the area. And right now, so rumor has it, my old high school is sadly considering a change to the Tuna Fish.

Go fighting Tuna Fish?

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