I'll trade you Rosary beads for a mechanical pencil and some markers

Today has to take the cake for the most interesting thing that I have been given at work, besides countless germs and TMI from people talking on cell phones.

A little girl came up to me today and asked if she could borrow a pencil and paper, which of course I gave her.

Then she came back, and spotting some ridiculously oversized sharpies, asked for those too, which I gave her.

The last time she returned to give everything back: the mechanical pencil sans lead, and the two huge markers. I thanked her for returning them and she gave me a Rosary that she was wearing as a necklace and told me it was for me to wear. Being raised Catholic, I knew better than to wear a Rosary as a necklace, so I thanked her and told her I would take the Rosary home with me, which I will. It is odd. I was just looking at the Rosary in my car (don't judge me...did I mention that I was raised Catholic!) and thinking that they look like some tired beads.

Well, everything happens for a reason, or so I like to believe. Maybe it is Karma? Whatever. That was the start of my shift. Now, I have less than a half an hour to go...if someone walks through the door dressed as Buddy Christ I am getting out of here.


Mummy Dearest said…
States away, through a computer, and you still make me laugh. You rock my world.
Nathan said…
Oh, yeah? Well, I'll give you a Pope JPII trading card for paper clip and some post-its.

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