Nathan's First Visit to Michigan (or why I have closure issues)

So, I never wrote about Nathan’s visit to the Great Lakes State. I was reflecting about that very fact in my journal, as it has been nearly a month, and I haven’t finished writing about it in there either. I have noticed a pattern. Whenever I go on vacation or do something that I really like, it takes me longer to write about the experience. I have narrowed down the possibilities of why I might do this to a couple things: 1. When I have an awesome experience (say traveling to a foreign country, etc.) I reflect on the experience or time spent for a while as I write about it, and with time I think of certain things I want to pay more attention to. 2. (And what I think is the real reason) I have closure issues. If I finish writing about something it is really done and over with. And I hated to see that week end. It was such a breath of fresh air to have a week off from school and work and have one of my favorite people in the whole world here with me (don’t be too awed by that fact Nathan, there are like 20 of you on that list, and you are below Ray Lamontagne… ha ha ha.) :)

So the blogs to follow will be about Nathan’s first visit to Michigan, which took place the first week of May.


Nathan said…
Aw, shucks. I'm so glad to hear you had a great time with me. I had a wonderful vacation, too. I can't wait until we're all hanging out in the Berkshires again!
Mummy Dearest said…
Who cares about Nathan-whatever! What about US? And our phone conversations? Why don't you ever write about those...??? Humpf. Nathan-schmaythan.

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