Return to the city (or Day 4 of Nathan's visit)

I was sad to have to go Friday morning. Time away never seems long enough does it? After the car was packed, and everything lost was found, we headed down to the dock to say goodbye to the Manistee River. I went to the cabin a few times as a kid and my ritual was to always run down and offer something to the water. It never seemed silly to me, but when there is someone else there it’s a lot harder to beieve as much in the philosophies we held as kids. I threw my pinecomb in the water and watched as it tried to make its way around the bend in the river that would take it out of sight. There is something sacred about that place Up North, so many good memories tie us to a place, don’t they?

The car ride back was good, Nathan, cat-napped as I drove and enjoyed familiar music. I always loved driving, so many thoughts and ideas and stories come into my head. It felt funny to be driving South on a Friday when many people with cabins or cottages are would be heading North to spend the weekend in their cabins.

Nathan and I stopped by the
Southfield Public Library on our way back to my house; it was a nice detour to get us out of rush-hour traffic on I-696. Another thing I was able to introduce Nathan to, rush-hour traffic and our horrendous highways. Living out East for the past few years before settling back in the Detroit area I became accustomed to the smooth highways like the I-90 into Boston. Returning to this area I realized just how terrible our highways are. It was these very highways that took us to the Southfield Library, which too me is an impressive example of a library.

Entering into the library made me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Every room provided an age appropriate and interesting design that highlights the collection and provides a sense of comfort. The Young Adult section is a room full of funky lighting and design with lots of room for kids to gather and talk or use the computers. The Kids area was my favorite. There are huge trees that can be leaned against or sat under, which simulate sitting outside under a tree (awesome in the winter!), a miniature castle that can be crawled into, a snoring dragon, a kings chair big enough for two adults to sit in, and a reading room that is designed to look like a spaceship! I was getting so excited in these areas that I think Nathan was wondering if he was going to have to give me a sedative. J The adult rooms are less exciting, just lots of areas with dozens and dozens of computers and a beautiful reading area in front of a beautiful fireplace.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around. We strolled through my favorite nearby park, the Rochester Municipal Park, where spring had finally sprung-all the plant life showing off its green. Later we met up with my roommate and her friend for drinks, but otherwise things were very low-key. Probably a good reintroduction into the city after being in the lovely, quiet of the country; waking up that morning to the sights and sounds of the country already seemed a distant dream.


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