Birthday wishes Mummy Dearest!

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest-Life in Avalon !

You inspire me daily with the beautiful, graceful way that you tackle being a good wife and parent and working, and still find time to admire the beauty in every day all around you. I can’t wait until we are neighbors again!

I dedicate this poem to you on your b-day Mummy Dearest! I love you!

At Great Pond

At Great Pond the sun, rising, scrapes his orange breast on the thick pines, and down tumble a few orange feathers into the dark water. On the far shore a white bird is standing like a white candle ---or a man, in the distance, in the clasp of some meditation ---while all around me the lilies are breaking open again from the black cave of the night. Later, I will consider what I have seen ---what it could signify ---what words of adoration I might make of it, and to do thisI will go indoors to my desk ---I will sit in my chair ---I will look back into the lost morning in which I am moving, now, like a swimmer, so smoothly, so peacefully, I am almost the lily ---almost the bird vanishing over the water on its sleeves of night.
~Mary Oliver


Mummy Dearest said…
Thanks my dear... what a lovely gift of a poem for me! I had a happy birthday indeed -- one of the best ever! And the fun continues... having dinner with my in-laws tonight and eating a marvelous Schwazwald Kirche Torte CJ made (on Hubby's request!). Yay. Yumm-o. I'll post pictures...

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