Tpos (I mean typos-get it?)

I was accused of having mistakes or "typos" in my blog. To those people "bugger off." My blog is what it is and is usually being written while I am at the Reference Desk. Any of you who have done an hour at the desk know how crazy things can be.

When they told us in my "Intro to La La Library Land" class, or whatever the class was called last semester, the professor mentioned that we are in the profession of information. No kidding. I feel like I learn so much while helping the patrons find things that I should be paying for this, not getting paid. That is a good feeling!

Anyway, back from my tangent-"typos"-I did some searching on the interesting Oxford English Dictionary's database here at work and found all about the word "typos." So, I thought I would share my new knowledge.

before a vowel typ-, combining form repr. Gr. TYPE n.1, used chiefly in forming scientific and technical terms, and some nonce-words. typacanthid (tap-, tpk├Žnd), a. [Gr. spine], having the typical arrangement of spines, as a star-fish. typarchical a. nonce-wd. [Gr. rule: cf. ARCHICAL], of or pertaining to the control of the printing-press. typocrat [after DEMOCRAT], one who rules by means of the press; so typocratic a. (nonce-wds.). typo-etching: see quot. typogravure, a method of printing pictures from half-tone blocks prepared by photo-engraving, and set up for printing with type-matter; also, a picture produced by this process. typolite (tplat), Geol. (also typolith) [-LITE]: see quot. 1828. typolithography, a process in which impressions from printers' type are reproduced by lithography (Webster, 1911); hence typolithography v. trans. to reproduce by this process; typolithographic a. pertaining to or produced by typolithography (Webster 1911). typomania (nonce-wd.), (a) a craze for seeing one's writings or name in print; (b) a craze for typology or symbolism. typometer, an instrument for measuring type-bodies. typonym (tapnm), Nat. Hist. [after eponym, etc.], a name based on a type or specimen; hence typonymal (-nml), typonymic (-nmk), adjs. typophil(e [-PHIL, -PHILE], one who has a fondness for or interest in typography. typoradiography, a method of making copies of a writing, etc. on sensitized sheets or films by radiography. typorama [Gr. view, spectacle], a model or representation in facsimile. typoscribe, a typist. typoscript, typewriting, type-script. typo-telegraph, a telegraph instrument which automatically prints the messages it receives; so typo-telegraphy. typotheter (-t(r)) [Gr. , f. to set, place], a type-setting machine.
1881 F. J. BELL in Proc. Zool. Soc. 3 May 502 When the spines retain the simpler disposition..seen in..most of the better known forms, we may speak of the arrangement as being *typacanthid.

I won't bother pasting the link to this quote because the database is pay to play, if you know what I mean.

Now the next time you are at a cocktail party, show off your new found knowledge, go on, make a reference to the word typo, you know you want to. Even better, slip it into the conversation in a condescending way, but in a fashion that has nothing to do with what everyone else is talking about. Watch how everyone will get quiet and awkward and suddenly need to use the bathroom or get more spinach dip...ha ha ha. Yes, with knowledge comes power. And with power comes the ability to be genuinely socially retarded.

To end this segment, I will leave you with a quote to pondert, and Seth, this one if for you. "dull men enjoy proofreading," taken from the webpage:

Today's segment was brought to you by the letter q for inQuisitive and the number 8. Remember "Keep reaching for the stars!"~Casey Kasem:


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