Reflections on the last week

Thursday night brought an end to this semesters finals, and as happens at the end of the semester, I look back and wonder at how fast it actually went by, though it had its torturous moments. I am glad that I have a journal for that reason-I go back through from time to time and read some of what I wrote and think, "holy crap, and that seems so easy now."
And now I sit anxiously awaiting grade postings which happen tomorrow; and I bite my nails and sweat a little, hoping I did well enough in my cataloging class so I can avoid retaking it this summer. I will be taking 3 classes as it is, retaking Cataloging would mean the end of any hopes of a social life outside of the love affair that I had with the Proquest database this past semester.
And so as I enjoy this week off between semesters and await the arrival of my grades, and my friend Nathan from Massachusetts, I think of some things that got me through the semester, and thought that I would share them.
(in no particular order):

1. My journal: After a lax fall semester of not writing nearly enough, I have made it my goal to write more so I can actually remember these coffee soaked Grad school days in the future-which leads me to the second thing on my list.

2. Coffee: And lots of it. I love hazelnut coffee the best, though anything will do, as long as it is strong. I apparently have made it my job to drink coffee every day since school started, and it is what fuels the all nighters, and I wouldn't still be in school without it.
3. My corduroy jacket: Bought with my Christmas money from Mom and Pop. (It sorta looks like this picture I found online). I LOVE this coat and was so glad that I bought it. It goes with everything and was what I loved to wear while I was trying to play the part of a Grad student. If there was a way that I could wear this all summer without heat exhaustion, I would! If you don't have a cozy corduroy, get one, they are so comfy...I even spent a couple all-nighter nights dozing in this.
4. Tobey: Our dog. This is more or less what he looks like (I found this picture online too). Besides world peace, I think everyone should have a dog. No one will ever love you like a dog, shown with slobbery kisses every morning. And Tobey even loves me if I did put on a few pounds over the holidays and maybe didn't get to take him on a walk yesterday. Not the brightest creature, but still loving.
5. And lastly, Mr. Walt Whitman. Walt and I became the best of friends in Undergrad when I had to read Leaves of Grass, still one of my favorites. Little known fact about me that I realized the other day: Every time I come across a good condition used copy of Leaves of Grass, I buy it. I have given it as a gift twice, and I think I own four copies currently. His poetry reaches into the heart of a people that he knew through his daily wanderings, and his writing is what I have always modeled myself after in some ways.

Well, that is what-in a nutshell (insert Austin Powers quote here..."how did I get into this bloody great nutshell!" here)-helped me get through this past semester. Well, that and to quote the Beatles (my favorite), "I got by with a little help from my friends..."


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