A great read-information taken from: http://www.pps.org/info/newsletter/april2007/

Why Libraries Matter More Than EverBy Cynthia Nikitin and Josh Jackson
The ImaginOn Library in Charlotte, North Carolina
The creation of the "information superhighway" threatened to make libraries obsolete, but today they are as prominent as ever. Libraries are taking on a larger civic role, redefining themselves as community centers for the 21st Century. The old model of the library was the inward-focused "reading room," the new one is more like a community "front porch."
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How to Make Your Library Great
14 lessons from local libraries all over the continent.

Libraries and Placemaking
Libraries are the new commons for the 21st Century.
By Diantha Dow Schull

Library Placemaking in Action
Six success stories in community building.
By Diantha Dow Schull

Stumbling Blocks to Creating Great Civic Centers...and How to Overcome Them
Solutions to four common problems.
By Cynthia Nikitin

Love, Learning and the Pursuit of Happiness
Notes from a lifetime spent at the library.
By Jay Walljasper

The Emerging Culture of Place
In an era when cities and towns are changing rapidly, public spaces are the key to reviving civic engagement. Here's how one city is making it happen.
By Fred Kent and Benjamin Fried


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