Easter at the desk

Easter Sunday and here I am at the library (note to self...wish there were a song, "At the library," as catchy as that song "At the carwash.") It is slow today, but not empty. The usual street walkers or homeless, whatever you want to call, them are here, as well as some scattered students probably preparing for the last month of classes grind.

Days like today, I feel espedcially sad for the homeless, who are here with no family and no hot dinner to look forward to. It feels a little selfish when I think of all the planning and preparing that went into our family dinner yesterday.

Sometimes, like on days like today, I remind myself that the homeless that come into the library are a gift to us. As librarians I feel that the homeless teach us to be patient and understanding, more so then our tax paying patrons, who we may feel deserve to be wined and dined so that they think of that great trip they had to the library when they are voting on that upcoming mileage. The homeless remind us that we are here to serve everyone, no matter if it is "Dead Celebrities Lady," calling in or the smelly guy at community computer terminal #3. I am glad that the library is open today, in a glad it's open-wish I didn't have to work-kinda way. At least we offer bathrooms and heat, as well as computers and books.

Yeah, today is not bad. Sometimes when I am dreading something like working on a holiday, I feel it is then that God shows me little things that make the trip in worth it. I pass this inner-city Baptist church every Sunday on my way to work and there are always cars littering the streets around it, and today, just like every Sunday, the streets and lot were packed. I am not sure what made me notice it today, since it is like that every week, but that little church looked more beautiful today. I am not sure if that is because of the sacredness of today 0r not, but I would have never have seen that if I stayed home.


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