I don't trust michrofiche!

Friday, Friday. Today has been one of those really slow days when I want to stand on a desk with cymbals and just starting clanging them together over and over again.
Had a guy come in today who spent all day using the microfiche gathering old documents, and then in a flash they were all gone. He did not save them properly so that when he tried to save them on a disk the files were M.I.A. I tried to get one of the "tech" guys who knows more about this shit than I do and yeah, that was helpful. He basically spent 20 minutes doing what I did-checking in every single folder. God, what a terrible feeling I had in my gut. I had to tell the guy "sorry Sir, we can't find where those documents went." I swear to God the man had tears in his eyes. He spent a whole day working on this and for nothing.
I am glad that I am going to a party tonight and drinking-I want to forget that sad look in the man's eyes when I told him the files were gone.
Anyone else having a bumpy Friday?
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