Future Librarian?

At work again-swear I never leave this place. But it is totally empty and silent and nice. Helping out with some things for the kids reading program so reading a 4th grade level book and noticing that I am uber envious of some of the things that kids have to read these days. Maybe I was just book sheltered. I remember reading the Bobbsey Twins for Heaven's sake!
Anyway, off on a tangent! Just had the best conversation with this 8 year old who was looking for Ramona books (Beverly Cleary). She said to me, "ya know, last year I hated to read, but this year I love it, and I wish I could stay home from school and read." I assured her that I had felt the same thing and told her that I was going to school to become a librarian because I loved reading and books so much.
It was a great conversation, and I left her there to explore the numerous Cleary titles that we have here at the library; most that I too had read when I was that 8 year old who wanted to stay home and do nothing more than read. I had to grin as I walked away-maybe she will be the one going into library school 15 years from now…food for thought…


Kimberly said…
Do you remember having career day in Middle School? I can't remember if it was 7th or 8th grade... but I do remember a presentation by a graphic designer by the name of Kim.. I walked away knowing it was the career I wanted.. I no longer had to wonder what kind of art I could get a job with... AND HER NAME WAS KIM.. how weird is that??

what presentations did you go to that day?

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