I think Julia Child would be pleased

As you may have noticed, I am currently reading, As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto--this after falling in love with Julia Child upon reading her autobiography, My life in France. I just love love love Julia: her love of travel, her love for her husband Paul, her flair for life, her love of food and wine, her willingness to be genuine even if it meant seeming silly.
Anyway, earlier tonight I was reading an article called With Latest Donation N.Y.U. Food Library Joins Big Leagues, which lists some great culinary library collections in the U.S., and it made me think of Julia Child, how this might make her happy--so many great and fascinating cookbooks, books about food, books about the culture of eating, loaded up by the thousands in these special collections! I wish I had learned about things like this in library school...though, I don't guess that I would have appreciated it in the same way...
Anyway, the list includes:

Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive (University of Michigan) --who knew!? My home state making me proud!
Schlesinger Library, (Harvard) Some of the letter between DeVoto and Julia Child are in a collection here!
T.W.U.'s Cookbook Collection (Texas)
Culinary Arts Museum (Johnson & Wales University)

Know any others?

Also, did you know that Julia worked for the OSS in the 40s? The OSS, the precursor to the CIA, was where Julia Child worked as the top secret researcher for the director--Interesting article here.

Picture found here.


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