songs for the singles, broken-hearteds or bitter among us

For all you singles, bitter, broken-hearted, or just ALONE on National Singles Awareness Day, I give you these, my choices of jams for the day:

  • Heartless, Kanye West This song is priceless. Best line? "How could you be so Dr. Evil?"
  • Bad Romance, Lady Gaga Lady G has the market on hurt with this, the first of my three choices. The title says it all.
  • Speechless, Lady Gaga Thank you Gaga, thank you.
  • Paparazzi, Lady Gaga  Making stalking cool enough to dance to. 
  • Single Ladies (Put a ring on it), Beyonce This song calls to be turned up really loud. I only dance to this in my black unitard with my closest friends.
  • Don't stand so close to me, Sting Nothing like making it really weird on this day of all days--ever listen to these lyrics? This song is about all kinds of bad, bad love!
  • Hot n' cold, Katy Perry This song is just an anthem. Nuf' said.
  • Lessons learned, Ray Lamontagne Betrayal.
  • Jolene, Ray Lamontagne, Ray, how do you make even being, "face down in a ditch, with booze in my hair and blood on my lips sound sexy?" 
  • Wild World, Cat Stevens, For those who can wish their leaving lover well.
  • Can't get next to you, The Temptations. This song rocks.
  • Sound of Settling, Death Cab for Cutie. "And I'll sit and wonder of every love that could have been, if I'd only thought of something charming to say."
  • 1901, Phoenix 
  • Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons, "It's not your fault but mine. It was not your fault, but mine. I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear?" Great apology.
  • I and love and you, The Avett Brothers,  "Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you." Marvelous.
  • Thriller, Michael Jackson, For all the times I've been on a date and he turned into a zombie.
    You're welcome.


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