Mumford & Sons is the only good thing

I feel like shit.

I am so tired and demoralized.

Remember the branch which fell on my roof? Well, more of the tree followed. While I was at work at the library on Saturday, B1 called to tell me that a tree had fallen on my cabin--hell of a phone call to get.

The part of the tree which hit my cabin (over 30-40 feet long, in my estimate) went through my roof and would have gone all the way through to the floor if it hadn't been for the crossbeams in my cabin. But, that is not all...the tree hit with such force that it caused structural damage to my little cabin...and now, just under two months after moving in, I am moving out. I moved out most of my things this weekend and am, for the time being, living with B1 & B2 until we figure out what happens next.

I have been focusing on the blessings: friends and community members who rallied around me on Saturday, working to get the tree off my house without causing more damage; friends who loaded up a Farm truck with my furniture and belongings and helped me move out; B1 & B2 for offering their home; many other friends offering their homes to me also. The community is an amazing place to live during something like this, we rally together in our darkest moments and support one another.

This weekend just drained me. I am tired from the moving, emotionally exhausted and feeling sorry for myself after a weird night out...then someone hacked my FB and sent spam out...agh...the only thing that is making me feel better is chocolate and Mumford & Sons. At least Mumford & Sons won't make me get fat.

These lines hit me and stuck.

"Liar" Mumford & Sons

"I know that things are broken
I know there’s too many words left unsaid
You say you have spoken, like the coward I am, I hang my head
You lay careless, your head on my chest
And don’t even look at me looking my best
And all these things I can’t describe, you would rather I didn’t try
But please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
And you lean in for your last kiss,
Who in this world can ask me to resist?
Your hands cold as they find my neck,
Oh this love I have found, I detest."
  Here is the song, NOT video.

I will post pics of cabin and tree soon. 


Toriafly said…
On no! Not a good story! But so glad you have amazing friends to help you out! Hope things head in a good direction for you shortly!
Thanks friend, me too. My friends have been amazing, I was just wallowing in self pity for a minute. This is a very humbling experience. Sending love to my fav. pilot!

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