"Santo subito!"

Pope John Paul II is to be beatified May 1st. (Beatification is a step in the process to sainthood,  Pope John Paul II having made it this far because of a miracle credited to him. The next step to Sainthood would be having another miracle credited to him.)

I don't think anyone is perfect. But as a Catholic I always followed and admired Pope John Paul II's career (though, like everyone, he had his shortcomings.) So, I am following this process with some interest.

An article here on the Beatification.

Photos found here and here.

Two great quotes from PJPII:

"I have a sweet tooth for song and music. This is my Polish sin. "

"Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence."


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