when things ain't been going your way

Sometimes it is hard to feel unique. It is hard to feel special; to not be swallowed up in a sea of people who seem to be more talented than you; better at their jobs than you, better at friendships or love or laughter than you. But, that is precisely when you have to stop yourself and remember the things that you are good at: smelling flowers, making weird faces at kids, imagining what animals clouds resemble, lying in bed with a book and getting totally immersed in it the same way that you did when you were 8.

Sometimes curing that need to just feel unique means lying in bed in your pjs, listening to songs which inspire you to kick butt or make you feel happy or make you feel something. And sometimes...well, that's all you can ask for...


Mummy Dearest said…
Glad to hear your funk is turning into spunk! Ha ha ha... And I love this Ray song! Nice to play the song and then read your post while listening...

Did you know he recorded his latest record in the Berks?? Yes!
NO!! He is totally stalking me. ;)

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