please don't stop the music

I LOVE Pandora. I use Pandora on the nights when I can't fall asleep. I use Pandora when I am lazying around the house, like today, when it's cold and rainy out.  I use Pandora to play familiar music, but more importantly to find new music which I KNOW I will love. So goes today. I have been spending my post-Thanksgiving Day doing laundry, sitting in my pjs, listening to two new artists who I found on Pandora  and absolutely LOVE:

Gregory Alan Isakov (also plays with his band The Freight)
Young Coyotes

In the rest of my wanderings this morning I've stumbled upon a cool blog, Elbows, that allows people to join and share music in blog format. Pretty cool stuff! I found this play list about the ocean (I LOVE the ocean--FYI). So, check out the play list and check out Elbows' Blog if you LOVE music.
Full ocean-related blog here.

Happy post-Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is still feeling grateful today.  :)


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