please don't stop the music

Reading my last few blogs makes it sound like I live in the bucolic, quiet country. This is partly true. It is bucolic, however, the Farm isn't always quiet. There are always activities going on and I feel like our house is always humming with sounds. I love music and finding new artists that I like, so, in lieu of me going on and on about the garden or Farm life, here instead are some fun songs to check out:

I am not a robot, Marina and the Diamonds

Bruises, Chairlift

Carryout, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake

Telephone, Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Single Ladies (put a ring on it), Beyonce

Break your heart, Taio Cruz

Baby, Justin Beiber

Relator, Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson


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