National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month (roomie RugbyGirl reminded me of this fact), so in honor of that here are some facts about dairy:
  • Whole milk contains 3.5% milk fat, reduced-fat milk contains at least 2% milk fat and low-fat milk contains 1% milk fat. Fat-free, also called nonfat or skim, contains no more than 0.2% milk fat.
  • Reduced-fat milks contain all of the nutrients found in whole milk.
  • Much of store bought milk goes through a three step process: pasteurization, homogenization and fortification. (Our milk at the Farm is only pasteurized). 
  • Pasteurization requires heating the milk to destroy harmful microorganisms and prolong shelf life. Normal pasteurization keeps milk safer while maintaining its valuable nutrients. After pasteurization, milk undergoes homogenization to prevent separation of the milk fat from the fluid milk. Homogenization creates a smooth, uniform texture. Lastly the milk is fortified. Fortification increase the milks nutritional value or replaces nutrients lost during processing.
  • Vitamin D is added to most milk produced in the United States to facilitate the absorption of calcium.
Information came from the Dairy Council of California.

Now that we've learned something new let's go eat some ice cream!!


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