computer argh

My little netbook, which I've only had for a few months, pooped out on me the other day. Thanks to a relatively helpful website, Acer was able to guide me through rebooting my computer, which momentarily resulted in: A. exhaltation B. a sense of computer savy which soon faded when I realized that since rebooting I can no longer: A. Hook up to our house's WIFI B. can't access my C Drive where all my documents and iTunes were stored in the reboot.

I was referred to another tech agency who I called this morning only to be told that A. the WIFI hookup should be reestablished when I reboot a different way B. rebooting this different way will wipe out my C Drive. I can live without the documents which I had saved, but the pictures I had just uploaded and had not yet put anywhere else?! And my iTunes? That is going to be a pain in the ass to reestablish and rebuild!

All of this has made me realize that I shouldn't have put off getting that external hard drive and backing everything up! Guess that's on the Christmas list for myself.

Still hoping that my friend N (who is also the Farm IT guy) can work a slap-you-on-the-forehead-"YOU-ARE-HEALED!"-kinda-miracle on my computer. We shall see.


Tony Kris said…
It's time's like this where I am reminded how much I love my Mac
Tony Kris,

I am a poor farmer and it was all I could afford, but I would totally love to have a Mac. My housemate has one and I am learning the ways of the (Mac) force! ;)

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