computer argh revisited

Well, N wasn't able to work any magic, so I wound up calling the IT department for Acer and was promptly referred to I don't know who. It seemed that no matter what I did all my things like documents and iTunes which were saved to my C Drive might never be retrieved, so I just bit the damn bullet and rebooted my computer YET AGAIN and wiped everything away. I am starting at step 1 all over again with this DAMN COMPUTER! Whew...deep breathing...deep least it is working now...grumble grumble.

Luckily when my old computer crashed I saved all my old photos, etc. on the Mummy Dearests' computer (thanks to N), so the only photos I lost on this computer were a few from my recent trip to NYC (all else are on Facebook--phew!) The biggest loss was definitely iTunes, but I am hoping that when I get all my things off their hard drive that might??! come too?

So, I write this from my rebooted computer with the resolution that this month for Christmas I am getting myself a new hard drive and an external CD drive!


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