"Bachelorette #3, what would your perfect day look like?"

I often wondered, while watch old episodes of the Dating Game--when I was a kid--what I would answer when the Bachelor asked "what would your perfect date look like?" Granted I was a little kid and had no concept of the horribleness of dating (maybe I am a little jaded...?), and also did not really even know what grown-ups did on dates. Somehow I came to thinking about it today, and thought, I would like to change the question a little bit and have it be "Bachelorette #3, what would your perfect day look like?" My answer might go a little something like this:
  • Day off from work.
  • Good breakfast.
  • Morning meeting ends and two of the guys rocked out on guitar and fiddle. A real "I love community," moment.
  • Broomball game (think hockey sans skates, just shoes. Also sticks AND brooms; a soccer ball in lieu of a puck.) My team wentings.
  • Being able to admire our Christmas tree in a quiet house. Get things done on my computer.
  • Go down and see the new calf. Chat with the Farmers.
  • Good lunch. Coffee from the General Store with JennaBean after I win a bet.
  • Home. Relax while others have to work. Be thankful to be inside today.
  • Short Community Meeting followed by another game of Broomball. My team wins again.
  • After Broomball game Farmer MacDonald and I clear snow off the pond while Minnesota tries to relearn how to skate.
  • Farmer MacDonald takes me down to Farm and teaches me how to move HUGE round bales, which, by the way, weigh hundreds of pounds. Have fun climbing to the top of the enormous stack of bales, scrambling up like a little kid on a jungle gym! Work together to heave-ho the bale down and into the bed of the truck. Farmer MacDonald then shows me how to unwrap the netting from the hay bale and put the metal circular feeder over the bale.
  • A great dinner. Good conversations after dinner. Sit around and chatting with friends for an hour.
  • Go home. Drink tea and chat with RugbyGirl.
So, it would seem, today was a near perfect day for me. I feel like I went from one activity to the next really enjoying myself. So fun. Had so many *sigh* "I love community!" moments today.

Now tomorrow morning back to the grind. Finishing touches for the big Christmas Eve dinner at the Farm. Going to be 100 people by candlelight. Looking forward to the food and so many friends joining us.

Merry Christmas All!


Rebecca said…
Yay! Sounds like a great day! Maybe I can have one like that with all of you later this week. Be well and enjoy the holiday!
Thanks Becca! Will do, have a great week too.

Looking forward to seeing you. Call us when you are on the way!

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