these are my thoughts...not yours

I used to listen to a radio station back home in the Detroit area where one of the DJs always signed off of the news portions of the morning broadcast with, "these are my thoughts, and not yours." In that same vein, I would like to share a few random thoughts today, which read a little like Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy:
  • Sarah Palin's book...really? I have friends who are talented writers who will probably never be published, but Sarah Palin manages to get a book out there. Wow. Sometimes I am so amazingly disgusted with our culture.
  • I want want want to go see a fun movie, and I think it might be this one. Anyone want to go with me?
  • I used to think (and maybe still do a little) that adulthood was marked by a few milestoness, but I feel like in little pieces it is sneaking up on us. A few indicators I am noticing in myself and other friends: not being angry with someone, but rather being dissapointed (I swear that was something that my parents would say and always made me feel worse than someone being mad at me); people who used to joke about work things now taking their jobs and themselves much more seriously--this particularly comes after promotion; gray hairs and wrinkles (I swear when the day I go really gray is the day I get out a brown sharpie and get to work.)
  • I still have my circa 1987 Mrs.--though I now refer to her as "Ms."--Potato Head that I let the kids play with when they come over. My old edition came with a yellow purse, green shoes, green (matching the shoes) glasses and body parts; nowadays you can get anything from a Star Wars to a Transformers Potato Head. Who would have ever thought that a toy whose storage compartment resides in its ass would be such a success...?
  • A paler Ken...and the Barbie looks just like every other Barbie--disgusting and anatomically incorrectly perfect. I used to pull the heads off my sisters Barbies or put them in a makeshift pool which I made with a huge plastic 70s orange Tupperware bowl of my Moms. The real object of letting Barbie "swim," was to hold her underwater and watch her head drain. Looking back now I realize that there may have been moments where my parents could have thought that I was a serial killer in the making.


Joanie7791 said…
I just googled this. I'm from Detroit and trying to find who the DJ was that said this!!!
Anonymous said…
It's Dave, of Dave and Chuck the Freak. 101.1 the Wrif in the mornings.

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