Every time I go to Small Town Library I check out something, even though I might already have so many books of my own that I am reading and so many library books I've already checked out. I can't control myself. Maybe I need to go to an over-checker-outers group or something...hmmm...

That said, S and I just went to the library tonight and I got two more books:

I was a big Vampire Chronicles lover when I was a kid and though I eventually grew out of Rice's paranormal genre I always have had a fondness for her probably due to the connection I felt for her vampires when I myself was a questioning teenager, searching in some way as the Vampire Louie. I remember some years not too long ago reading about Rice's return to Catholicism and have been curious about that and also her new trilogy about Jesus Christ--meaning to read them eventually--and was intrigued tonight seeing her autobiography on the shelf. Doing a little reading to prep myself for the book, found this quote and liked it, so will share it here, "Anne Rice is not a convert but a revert." ("In Defense of Anne Rice," Patricia Snow). Here's to hoping that reading her autobiography might revert me back into a Rice reader and maybe I will soon pick up one of her newer books.


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