I can hear the scissors cutting

Guess I won't be finding that dream library job anytime soon...? From the Patriot Ledger:

Librarians Rally outside State House to protest cuts

By Erik Potter, Enterprise Correspondent

Posted Nov 05, 2009

"Last week, Gov. Deval Patrick cut $277 million from government offices under his control. Nearly $800,000 of that reduction came from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The cuts were part of an effort to close a $600 million revenue shortfall during the first three months of the state’s fiscal year.

Patrick is also targeting the library board for cuts next year, asking it and other state departments for a 17 percent cut in funding for the 2011 fiscal year, which begins in July."

For the whole article, click here.


Mummy Dearest said…

don't worry: there will be an upturn... someday!

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