a couple of corrections

First: I was driving into town today after work to do a few errands and was looking out over the glorious mountains around the Farm--which people out here call "hills," in this quaint, knowing voice. I know there are bigger mountains, but geez, compared to the views from my window in Michigan, I am looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro.--And back from the tangent, anyway, I was looking out at the ever changing fall colors which I wrote of a couple of days ago, and was realizing that I forgot to mention the majesty of all of the pine trees intermingled amongst the fading shades of yellows and oranges. These trees add something majestic and glorious; a perpetual infusion of color all winter long, though at times the dusting of snow on the pines makes you temporarily forget that everything isn't white.

Second: I forgot to mention in my last post that I was the Hamburglar for Halloween this year. I was pretty proud of my costume and more than a little dissapointed that I didn't get to go to any parties wearing my costume, (since my bday party was pirate themed). I found a prison (black and white striped) costume at Kmart half-priced; found a red and black hat at a clothing swap; painted the mask on my face; and had TSO make a big, red tie which Rugby Girl made even cooler by decorating with little burgers (which she drew, cut out and then pinned to my tie.)

And lastly: I noticed that I haven't changed any of the "books I am reading," on my blog (on the right) in a while. That is because I am still slowly plodding through all of these books, having temporarily set them down for the slew of magazines, books on CD and books which I have checked out from the Library. Some fun things which I have read/am reading recently:

I have been trying to get into the routine of going to our small town library on Monday nights when it is open (the hours being 7pm-9pm--that still boggles my damn mind!) Being in a Library has such a calming effect on me; to be in a place so familiar. As we were leaving, I was commenting to my friend S that, "there is something strangely reassuring about living in a town where the most happening place during the week is the town Library."

Also, went to my favorite city library, not too far from the Farm tonight. Being there made me yearn for library work again and reminded me that I need to send out some resumes. I want to stay working and living at the Farm, but am still looking for very part-time or subbing hours...can't I have my cake and eat it too?

And finally, I wanted to welcome Rhett, a new follower to my blog. Rhett is a former co-worker and friend, and calls me a "Mass-hole," now that I live in MA. Glad someone calls me that--I find it very entertaining. Welcome Rhett!


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