cloudy with a chance of being turned into a movie, and the end of vacation

I feel as though I am still avoiding writing about my time at home in MI, and my time spent here at the Farm over the past few days because I think: 1. I am still processing my time in Michigan, and the long and arduous drive to get there and back, and 2. I think that if I write about my vacation this past week and a half that means that it is truly over...which it is...sadly. Tomorrow I go back to work. And, though I love work, I really love vacation. I have felt like a tumbleweed this past week; blown around and tossed into odd projects; blown into chance meetings and run-ins with friends, fellow co-workers, and not so chance ones too.

So, in the spirit of avoiding the inevidable I will write instead about how it seems like every book is being turned into a movie these days! Here are just a few examples of
books gone Hollywood:


Victoria said…
I must say I am excited about Where the Wild Things Are! Also, you missed Lovely Bones. One of my favorite books, and the movie looks so good and it better be! It was great seeing you last week!

Don't worry, didn't forget about Lovely Bones--which i also loved--was just running out of time before the coffee shop closed! :)

Good to see you too, though it was TOO BRIEF!

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