Obama food nation

Food plays a big part in my life these days, since my job is to help put out four meals a day, which is why I found this article interesting.

CAPITAL CULTURE: World hangs on Obama's every bite, Associated Press, JOCELYN NOVECK

"At the bustling Pi pizza restaurant in St. Louis, the staff has come up with a new mantra: "It's just pizza!"

Just pizza, and yet still, they marvel, customers are happy to wait well upward of two hours at peak time for a table. That is, ever since news came out that Barack Obama loved this pizza so much during a campaign stop, the owners were invited to recreate it in the White House ovens.
'We tell them it'll be two to four hours, and they say, "OK!" says owner Chris Sommers, who traveled on his own dime to prepare the presidential meal in April. "This has been our own private stimulus package.' "

To read the whole article, click here.


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