‘Advance Australia Fair’

I visited Australia when I was 16 years old, only for about 3 weeks, but I found the country to be one of the most beautiful places I have been; the people to be welcoming and friendly; a better traveling experience I have never encountered.

Just wanted to mention that my family and I are praying for all of those who have been affected by the fires in Australia; for the crews of firefighters and emergency workers; and for the country in what seems a dark hour. I ask that if you are a prayer, please keep everyone in your prayers!

This picture was on the news the other day. Pictured is a firemen feeding water to a burned koala, which is pretty amazing, as wild koalas are not known for their gentle nature. I got tears in my eyes when I saw this; this picture really illustrates that in times of suffering we are all vulnerable and have to trust one another.

Australia our prayers are with you!

Also, welcome Rakstar of Life as a Rakstar--you were missed Friend!


Rakstar said…
That is the most adorable picture! I miss Australia - even though I didn't get to see a lot of it, there is something about it that captures the imagination and leaves wanting to explore more. Such sad business, these fires, and that they may have been deliberately set or aggravated. As the bumpersticker goes: "Mean people suck."
Anonymous said…
I love this picture, Monster! Thank you for posting it.

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