shout out!

Wanted to give a shout out and thank you to my newest followers (does anyone else think it's strange that they call people who read your blog "followers," sounds like I am forming a CULT!!):

Clover from Inchoate
CK from CK the Librarian
Jacob from Canyon Park Life
and Michelle at Readers Respite
(Michele--your profile picture is so beautiful--what sweet little babies you have!)

When people ask about blogging, one of the things that I always mention is how cool it is that we form communities in a sense by who's blogs we follow, so I appreciate you all stopping in and look forward to getting to "know you better," by reading your blogs as well. :)

I will try and post something more soon!


How sweet of you to say "hello"! And I agree with you regarding the term 'followers' - lol. I feel like we could start our own army, ha ha.

Love your blog!
Patricia said…
I am a student librarian in California. For one of my classes I had to follow and comment a blog and... I found yours and I did my assignment on your blog. I did not know before about the "Apples to apples" gameboard. I heard of it in your blog and asked it for Christmas and I got it. We had many hours of clean entertainment with my family. Thanks. Keep the good work.
Patricia! How exciting! I feel so global now...very cool indeed. Can you share what you wrote about my blog. That is so cool! I feel a little famous. ;)
And Apples to Apples is SOOO MUCH FUN!!

Thanks Michele!
CK said…
Woot woot! I got a shout out! haha. Looking forward to more blog postings. :)
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've been having such a good time perusing your blog that I've given you an award.

You can pick it up here!

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