status symbol?

As best friend K and I sit across from each other at Caribou--occasionally chatting--we are both tooling around on Facebook.

Yep. We are those Yuppy idiots at the coffee shop.

We were just chatting about peoples' face book status lines,

"Monster is: _____________________ (you fill in the blank)."

People use this line to:

  • discuss their political views, "Monster is 'YES WE CAN!'"
  • share that they are sick, "Monster is coughing up a lung!"
  • share your dieting tricks, "Monster is using a thigh master plus!"
  • And more...

So, thought we'd come up with some good status line messages:

  • "Monster is making fun of your Mom."
  • "Monster is waxing someone's back."
  • "Monster is sitting on the toilet...while I write this!"
  • "Monster is worried about the raising rates of kitty AIDS!"

So, what does your status line say!?


TSOldtimer said…
TSOldtimer is growing moss. In a jar under the sink.
Monster just threw up in her mouth, TSO...a little!
" typing...i-s-t-y-p-i-n-g..." yeah, I never know what to write, so I just sign out.
These status lines further make people think it is ok to talk in the third person...Seinfeld, anyone?!

"George is getting angry!!"

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