so much hanging in the balance

"Oh, hey Pluto. Hi. Boy, it must be fun to work here... although the biggest drawback to working at a theme park is that you must live in constant fear of deadly terrorist attacks." ~Debbie Downer, SNL

Ugh...I feel so Debbie Downer lately thinking of the state of the economy in the United States, but more specifically the state of things in Michigan, particularly in the Metro Detroit area. I graduated from my Undergrad program less than five minutes down the street from the Chrysler Headquarters. I graduated from my Masters program less than five minutes down the street from the GM Headquarters. And Ford isn't too far away. So much of the business world in this area is directly affected by what happens with the Big 3. I am not saying I am for the Bailout or against it. I hear arguments on both sides and I honestly don't know what is right. Part of me is so mad at the Detroit Auto Industry for letting things get this bad. For making ignorant decisions and spending exuberant amounts of money on frivolity. Part of me is clawing at the hope that there is some way to save and reform this industry and try try try desperately to salvage something from this heap of a mess.

Please send encouraging thoughts...I feel like my soul is dying in this car-town. These thoughts are far too heavy for a Friday. I need a drink. A strong one. I should have just left well enough alone with my last post from my lunch break...nope, had to go and read the news before heading home. *SIGH*

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Kimbre said…
Whatever goes down will eventually go up again, and that includes the economy. Meanwhile, there are many changes that need to take place in that industry -- starting with the forced resignation of the greedy CEOs who ran their companies into the ground.

I'm not so sure about the bailout either since the industry is liable to come back later to ask for more money. Perhaps bankruptcy is a better idea, allowing the companies to restructure like the airline industry.

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