favorite book requests

My favorite book requests which we have received in the past week.



Some days I laugh really hard at work...


Anonymous said…
Book I didn't read or request but the title is so good that I sent my spouse a link (from a marriage counseling site which was the first place I found it). P*rn for Women" the cover shows a fully dressed guy vacuuming . However the link wasn't permanent and instead the book the site was featuring: "Baby Makes Three." Our youngest is 20.
Easton said…
Interesting choice!! I too love to read books...
Melissa said…
My favorite book of late is "Return to the Middle Kingdom" by Yuan-tsung Chen. The detail of the birth of Modern China is very revealing.
Uncle Ebenezer said…
HA!! we were just talking about that book "Cunt" this weekend. It's too long of a story to comment on here, but that made me laugh so hard to see it on here.

"Return to the Middle Kingdom" Sounds interesting. As soon as it is no longer listed as a new book I am going to inter library loan it! Thanks for the suggestion!

Uncle E, love your picture. :) Glad you laughed to see it here. When the girl asked for it, I was like, "what did she just say," but of course I had to play it cool. :) Good times!

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