PTA's gone wild!

Washington Dad Foils Plan for School “Librateria” From the American Library Association's website. (Full article can be seen here):

A Washington State parent has convinced officials of the Federal Way (Wash.) Public Schools that students who will attend a school still on the drawing board will benefit from a dedicated space for a media center that is separate from the lunchroom. PTA member Dave Bomgardner coined the word “librateria” to describe the rejected joint-use proposal for the future Lakota Middle School. “You might as well just tell me that they’re going back to the one big open-room classroom for all the grades,” asserted Bomgardner.

Just because it worked that the gym and cafeteria could share space, doesn't mean we should start getting crazy! Some other great ideas the PTA came up with:
  • combined bathroom/science lab-- The Exploseria
  • combined bathroom/cafeteria-- The Crapateria
  • that's all I got...grumble grumble...

And another fun library resource: LIFE Photo archive through Google. VERY COOL!


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