librarians say the darndest things

I had a wonderful storytime today with the kids, though the books felt a little less than inspired. We did Thanksgiving stories--which always remind me of a professor in college who said,

"If you want to become a Chilren's Author, write a good Thanksgiving book. They all stink."

'Tis true.

Anyway, the kids were energetic and fun and loved that I wore a "turkey hat," (construction paper stapled around your head with yellow, orange and red "feathers" cut from construction paper and then stapled to the back), which I made this morning before they came in. It is amazing how 2 minutes worth of work can create so much laughter. I also did my turkey call, which they all thought was funny. One of the Pre-K teachers told me that I should put "can do animal sounds" on my resume...definitely something to consider.

Anyway, this afternoon as the last group was leaving one of the boys, said, "hey, Miss Monster, are you married?" which was WAAAAY out of the blue.

Without even thinking, (which I do often!!) I replied, "why, do you have single older cousins?!?

Oh, dear. Librarians say the darndest fact, I was waiting for Bill Cosby to pop out of somewhere and say as much!!


Kt said…
Ha! That was probably *not* the answer that kid was expecting. You could have thrown him even more by saying, "No, but wait 15 years and ask me again." (Hey, it happens!)

I don't remember any worthy Thanksgiving books from my own childhood, but the biggest thing I remember is that the Indians buried a dead fish with each kernal of corn. Every kid needs to learn this. I feel that it truly shaped me as an adult.

You would make my heart glad if you could work that into your story times somehow.
Pam said…
Ok, this blog made me laugh hysterically. Especially the picture of Bill Cosby...

Have you ever seen Bill Cosby's stand up routine "Himself?" If not, we're totally watching that on our next movie night.

Sorry I can't make your heart glad this year...I will try and teach them about the dead fish corn thing this year!


Ha ha ha...nope, never seen it, so we DEFINITELY should watch it with Chris. Have you ever seen Eddie Murphy (I think it's his standup Delirous) where he imitates Bill Cosby? It is pee your pants funny!
oops...meant to say dead fish corn thing NEXT YEAR!
JennPav said…
AHAHAHA. This was funny on a whole other level for me as I remember well the turkey call. Were you working at the cinema when we used to use the empty paper towel tubes to amplify our animal sounds in the lobby at the "new" end because it was SO loud and echoey?

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