Monday meme

A meme because after a very busy weekend of working and running errands and spending time with A1 & M's family and our Mom I am tired.
And I am restless.
It is time for my vacation.

I am: a Scorpio.

I think: Too much.

I know: how to tell who is singing in Beatles' songs by ear. A very great skill to have in high school (with a certain crowd). Never confuse Paul and John--it is an insult to John!

I have: a surgery scar on my hand.

I wish: I had a farm and shared it with my closest farmies.

I hate: cantalope. I have tried really hard to like it, but I can't. I even eat it occasionally to see if my taste buds have changed, but alas, no. Last time I had it was a weekend in September. Oh, and showers. Not the soap and water kind, but Baby and Wedding showers. How come only women get punished because people decide to change their life styles!?

I miss: My days living in community. Even though I have a roommate, life is very solitary in comparison to what it used to be!

I fear: dying before I've done what I think I should do while I'm here.

I hear: too much crap on the radio these days. I have sunk back into the world of books on CDto pass the time.

I smell: Moonlight favorite scent from B&B Works.

I crave: for one more day with my Dad.

I search: for the perfect job: this includes having benefits, working with someone who looks sneakily like James McAvoy (w/Scottish accent--uh, thank you!) and having the flexibility and freedom to have a large amount of say over my day to day activities.

I wonder: what my life would be like if I'd never moved out East. Or what if I hadn't come back when I did?

I regret: that I am not good with money.

I love: books, dancing, reading, writing and hanging out with friends.

I ache: in my trick knee when the weather gets cold.

I am not: afraid to stand up for myself...usually.

I believe: that if everyone had a hammock in their back yards, there would be no war in the world (food first, hammocks second).

I dance: to everything. And I don't care how ridiculous I look.

I sing: all the time even though I know I have a terrible voice.

I cry: not very often, but ugh, very solitarily.

I fight: and struggle too hard against things that couldn't have been prevented; things that can't be changed.

I win: Apples to Apples when I play with my crew here. Best friend L still swears that A3 and I, it's just that we've know each other for nearly 3 decades!!

I lose: My temper with my sister. OFTEN.

I never: used to wear makeup. Now I wear a little.

I always: loved to read. I miss childhood when I could do it without interruption or guilt.

I confuse: the dog by wrestling with him. I swear he thinks I am another dog. A dog that gets to sit on the couch...and has opposable thumbs. (He really is not a smart animal).

I listen: to music all the time...or books on CD.

I can usually be found: in MI unfortunately.

I am scared: of being poor forever. How the Hell am I ever going to get to Europe?!

I need: to move.

I am happy about: being done with Grad School. These past 10 months have flown by though! Didn't I just graduate!?

I imagine: Frequently. A symptom that usually ends with childhood, mine has only grown!

I tag: Kt, TSO and Mummy Dearest.


Amy said…
Your meme reminds me of why we are such good friends (I would NEVER confuse Paul and John!) and it makes me even more excited to see you in just 4 days! I love you!
Awww...thanks Friend. I should bring Apples to Apples for us to play! I freaking love that game!
TSOldtimer said…
Yay Apples to Apples! And I know a way you can get to Europe...

OMG! TSO! I totally forgot about that. Maybe I should try and get a new car out of the deal first. I think a new car is more expensive than a European trip. WINK back. ;)
JennPav said…
Cool blog. And I LOVE apples to apples!
Miss Cellaneous said…
I love your meme! It's so "you" and displays your awesome traits. I'm also going to steal it for a day that I just want to answer questions. Yoink.

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