I am both

While checking out tutor.com (per Quarterlife Query), I saw a link to take the:
Are you a right or left brained person? quiz. Having just talked over this very matter with a friend the other day, I was dying to see how I did. The test said:

"You are both.

People who use both sides of their brain are creative and intuitive, but can also sit down and think things through. Sometimes a situation calls for logic and precision, but sometimes your instincts are right. People who are both left and right brained tend to be journalists, social workers, teachers or chefs."

Hmmm...let's see. I want to be a write (like Journalism), I worked at the farm (Social Worker), am a Children's Librarian (is like being a teacher), and I used to be a cook at the farm (Chef). I guess that's pretty right.


TSOldtimer said…
Actually, at the Farm, you were three of those at once: a Social Working (kind of) chef who taught cooking.

That journalism thing, though... Yeah, I don't know how you're gonna pull that one off! :-P
Thanks for the encouragement TSO. I will publish something yet. I think I will call it "Nine Lives," and use the pen name Paul Varjak!

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