protect our forests!

I am a big environmentalist. Really. You can ask my friends. I make them bring me any thing that can be recycled and I put it out at the curb.(God bless our city for recycling!) All that recycling to put out and "pollute our driveway," as Roomie M might say. Yep. And, so I read a lot about conservation, etc. I read things from National Audbon, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation, The Wilderness Society, Nature & Land Conservancy and National Geographic.

I thought this was an interesting article, and Lord knows, I love sharing articles.

You can click here, to read this story, "Roadless Forests Back in the Crosshairs," from The Wilderness Society. I wanted to at least post some of the highlights featured in this article about why it is important to preserve our spaces.

A few of the many reasons to go roadless:

  • Roadless forests provide top-quality havens for fish and wildlife, including habitat for more than 1,600 threatened and endangered plant and animal species.

  • They protect water quality and furnish pure drinking water for millions of Americans.

  • Our national forests are already covered with enough roads to encircle the earth more than 15 times.

  • Forest Service road maintenance backlog costs exceeds $10 billion.

  • Americans want roadless forests! During the Roadless Rule decision-making process, more Americans commented than on any other federal rule in history.

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