Palin on aerial hunting

Not only am I an environmentalist, I am also an animal lover. That is why I was saddend when I read of V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin (former Govenor of Alaska) and her support of aerial hunting in Alaska.

Thanks Amos for the link to the Defender's of Wildlife Action video/website!

I did some more reading on the subject and found this link, which has letters between citizens and various environmental/hunting agencies of Alaskan government. One standout thing was a letter from an Alaskan citizen who wrote to Palin to protest against aerial hunting. (The document is 26 pages long, but the letter is on page 4!)

I found this article, which goes into detail as to why some western states use the practice. (Helps with cutting down on sheep deaths caused by coyotes).

For more info on Alaskan game: practices and tips and that sort of information, try: Alaskan Wildlife Conservation website

A very helpful Defenders of Wildlife Q&A about aerial hunting found here.

If you want to sign the petition to the U.S. House of Representatives to end aerial hunting, click here.


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