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Back a while ago I wrote about how I wanted to watch all the Oscar Winning Best Pictures. I have been trying. I get to tick a few more off on my list. Recently I've watched:
      • Gentleman's Agreement : Gentlemans' Agreement was fabulous! I love Gregory Peck!! Peck was amazing as a reporter who pretends to be Jewish to get the true, inside perspective on anti-semitism in the U.S.! Such an interesting and insightful look into how bigotry surfaces. I would go so far as to say that some of these instances would still prove true in today's society. A really great flick overall!
      • An American in Paris: I love watching Gene Kelly dance, and this was a fun movie, but I preferred Singing in the Rain to this. The ending was lovely as only movies made in a certain time period seem to be. Overall ok.
      • Gigi: Holy crap! I didn't realize Gigi was being raised to be a whore (mistress) until the end of the movie. I was thinking the whole time it was more of a rag's to riches plot line, not a Pre-Pretty woman Pretty woman story! Umm...I was kinda bored. Not my favorite musical by a huge stretch.
      • A Man for All Seasons: Snore! I was bored three shades of grey by this movie. I am pretty sure I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard then have to watch this retelling of the Thome More-Henry VIII story. Bummer. I was actually really looking forward to this movie.
      • Annie Hall: I loved everything about this movie, except Woody Allen. I have tried really hard to like Woody Allen but I can't. I loved Diane Keaton in this movie. I loved all the people who had cameos in that movie: Christopher Walken, Paul Simon, Shelley Duval.
      • The Deer Hunter: What a sincere and sad look at the way war changes us--from it's early on wedding scene (which was the longest wedding scene I have ever seen in a movie!!) to it's final gathering. As poignant today as it was during the Vietnam era--and what I think many movies about Iraq being made now are striving to be. The acting was amazing. Christopher Walken and Robert Deniro were AWESOME! A good movie, heavy, but very good.
      • Amadeus: OMG! I love the way that Tom Hulce portrayed Mozart as this child prodigy turned man-child; grown up but never leaving behind the childhood which he was forced out of early on in his father's quest to push him before royal audiences. (I have to say his laugh was my favorite thing!) Also amazing was F. Murray Abraham who played Mozart's--unbeknownst to him--rival, Antonio Salieri. The scenes were Salieri is confessing what he did to the priest were AMAZING!


JennPav said…
There is something about Amadeus that I knew you would love... hahaha
That actor is no Tommy Lee Jones...ha ha ha!

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