"no age bands, wizards turned vampires and eco-friendly books, oh my!"

A couple articles that might interest some of you readers/lovers of all things library:
  • The No to Age Banding declaration written by Phillip Pullman, signed by many authors, (including J.K. Rowling). Thought it was interesting...and if I were famous I would sign it! A big flourishing Monster Librarian.

  • New York Times article on Breaking Dawn, the 4th installment in Stephenie Meyer's Vampire series (beginning with Twilight. Some critics are claiming that this series might be the next Harry Potter in the literary world of YA's. The Twilight movie is due out in December and features Robert Pattinson, who for those of you HP fans, also played Cedric Diggory from the HP films #4 & #5. Just to give you an idea of how popular this series is right now: I was #65 on the waiting list for the library by my house which has 4 copies, and #13 on the waiting list for Library X where I work.

  • Thought this was cool. The Green Earth Book Award Winners were announced for '08. This is for all of you environmentalists (like me!)


Kt said…
Wow, I just heard about the Twilight series a few days ago from a friend who bought the newest one at a midnight book release, and now I read your post. I guess I should read them, hey?
Roger Cornwell said…
Dear Monster Librarian,
There is no requirement to be famous in order to sign your support to the No to Age Banding statement, so go right ahead! One of the heartening things has been the massive support from librarians, who know from their professional training and experience the wide range of abilities and interests that young readers have, and that these cannot be summarised into a number printed on the back of a book.

Roger Cornwell
Webmaster, No to Age Banding
YES! I am starting Twilight this week. So excited. From what everyone else has told me, I am gonna love this series.

I know, but it would be tre cooler if I was famous! Thanks for checking out my modest little blog!

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