making lists and taking names

There are so many things I still need (or want) to blog about: Library X's 3 weeks closure, going Up North, general thoughts on life, but I instead have spent the whole of tonight adding pictures to Facebook. So, this is the best that I could do as I waited for pictures to load. I was tagged by Miss Cellaneous, (who has rejoined Blog world, much to my delight!) so here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had:
Short Order cook
Clown (for one day--I really am scared of clowns)
Movie theater concessionist/ticket sales

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Harry Potter (any of them)
Gone with the Wind
Little Women
Sense & Sensibility

Four places I’ve lived:
New Hampshire
Traverse City, MI

Four TV shows I love:
anything on the History channel
Arrested Development

Four places I’ve vacationed:
Ochos Rios, Jamaica
San Diego, Cali

Four of my favorite dishes:
Pierogies or samosas
Sausage & Sauerkraut (what!? I'm German)
Greek Salad

Four sites I visit daily: - not very original, I know
Facebook, Myspace, etc.

Four places I would rather be right now:
The Farm, MA
New Zealand
Lopez Island (can I come visit TSO?!)

Four bloggers I am tagging:


Miss Cellaneous said…
Sorry for MAKING you do that :) Monster, you would be the most awesome person to work with in my future practice! You, too, would be a super great bibliotherapist! We should go back to school together and get our MSWs. Is it sad that I miss school?
Anonymous said…
Fun reading this! I worked as a clown too. Went to clown camp and all. ;-)

Miss C! YEAH! I look forward to when we own our own business!

Paz, no kidding!? Yikes. When they put my makeup on I couldn't even look in the mirror. Too freaked out. Ha ha ha!
JennPav said…
WOOT Cinema concessionist!

I remember when you went to Austrailia. It was the coolest thing anyone had done that I knew in real life.

But then we all went to Mackinac.
Ha ha ha...Kim and I were just talking about our trip to Mackinac the other day. I still have that picture of the horses asses from our "trolley" ride. Why did I suggest sitting in the front!?

Also, remember when your horse was trying to bite you?! And Kim's was trying to lead her into the woods. At least my horse had taken its prozac that day and behaved. ;)

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